Direct expenses - online financial calculation service Price sensitivity analysis - Calculating Quantity of Materials

Online Financial Calculations Service for You
  • Calculating direct expenses (*) based on Norms

  • Price sensitivity analysis

  • Calculating Quantity of Materials


  • Easy and very simple interface

  • Tabulation results

  • Fast speed calculation

  • Updating the results quickly


  • Online Demo with many examples

(*) Those expenses that can be easily traced or associated with a cost object (i.e. the cost of materials that become part of a manufactured product, or the cost of labor that is used solely in a single processing department of a manufacturer).

What kind of service does this website provide?
With the help of website, the users can calculate, analyse the direct expenses of products easily and quickly, online. The quantities of materials can be listed. This online service is very flexible, we can calculate not only the expenses of products. This calculation method is the solution of several problems appearing in the daily practice (see the demo page). Preliminary registration is necessary to use this online application. This service is absolutely free until June 30, 2008.
Start Data
The system order the data which are necessary to the calculation into two groups being linked to each other. The first group contains data of stocks, resources. The second group contains the norms of semi-finished and end products. Every norm lists the quantities of stocks, resources, semi-finished products. The users give data by filling forms online or upload an excel file.

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Results of calculations, financial analyses
You can calculate:
  • •  direct expenses (products, semi-finish products, services ...), references are linked in the tables

  • •  changing in price, price sensitivity analysis: you can analyse the expenses if the price of one of the stocks changed.

  •    (also you can analyse the reasons of the change in price)

  • •  on base of quantity of end products the quantities of stocks can be listed by just one click.

  • • the start data and all results of calculation can be listed or printed by just one click. (see demo page).
  • Benefits of this online service:
  • •  easy-going user interface with lots of functionalities, all references are linked

  • •  all of data are secured by password and are stored in your database, you can see the same thing on all of computers

  • •  userfriendly surface, output of tabular results

  • •  the service is highly useful for team work

  • •  flexibility - it is useful for different aims

  • •  you may choose from more skins
  • We hope that we aroused your interest, and we may see you between our clients soon!